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Faculty of Medicine Celebrates Unpad's 66th Anniversary with “Unpad Moves”

Rektor Universitas Padjadjaran

FK Unpad Media Channel – Commemoration of the 66th Anniversary of Universitas Padjadjaran (Unpad) is getting hotter with the splendor of “Unpad Moves”. The activity which was part of the celebration was officially opened by Unpad Chancellor, Prof. Rina Indiastuti, by lighting a torch at the Jati Padjadjaran Stadium, Unpad, Jatinangor, on Tuesday (1/8/2023). In commemoration of this historical moment, FK Unpad participated in a sports competition which was attended by 25 contingents.


In the information quoted from Unpad News on the link https://www.unpad.ac.id/2023/08/peringati-dies-natalis-ke-66-rector-buka-kompetisi-olahraga-unpad-bermobil/, it is known that “Move Unpad” will take place from 1 August to 6 September 2023. This sporting event provides fierce competition in four sports, including table tennis, badminton, volleyball and soccer. More than 1,400 athletes will fight with high enthusiasm to achieve glorious achievements in this event.


Not only sports, “Unpad Moving” also offers a variety of other interesting events, such as 3 on 3 basketball exhibition matches, fun walks, and fun bikes. As the main highlight, the people's sports party will be held on August 17 2023, by holding exciting matches such as Tarik tambang, newak meri, newak lauk, balap karung, and manggul suluh.


The theme for the 66th Anniversary is "Excellence, Harmony and Impact". Dr. Rahmat Hidayat, S.Pt., M.Sc., as Chair of the Unpad Mobile Committee, expressed his hope that this event would further strengthen the sense of togetherness among all Unpad components and support Unpad's aspiration to become an institution that contributes globally.


Unpad Chancellor, Prof. Rina Indiastuti, expressed her appreciation to all parties who have played an active role in supporting "Unpad Moves" and the development of Unpad as a whole. He emphasized that the progress and achievements of Unpad continue to be improved through the quality of education and the spirit of togetherness.


Previously, the "Moving Unpad" celebration was opened successfully through the "Unpad Aleut-aleutan" activity which involved the participation of all work units within Unpad. Parades and performances from 29 contingents, consisting of faculties and directorates at Unpad, succeeded in presenting a riveting spirit of togetherness.


Interested in participating in “Moving Unpad”? This activity provides valuable moments to explore fighting spirit, hone skills, and celebrate sporting achievements. Hopefully, through this activity, the fighting spirit and splendor of Unpad's 66th Anniversary will further inspire Unpad Faculty of Medicine and all academics in achieving success and having a positive impact on society and the world.

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Adhi Taufiq Akbar


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