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PSKH UNPAD National Seminar: ELABORATION OF ONE HEALTH ONE WELFARE Prevention and Mitigation of Zoonoses in Indonesian Animal Markets

Seminar Nasional PSKH UNPAD: ELABORASI ONE HEALTH ONE WELFARE Pencegahan dan Mitigasi Zoonosis di Pasar Hewan Indonesia

❗PSKH UNPAD National Seminar❗

Proudly Present Veterinary Medicine Study Program:
NATIONAL SEMINAR with the theme "Elaboration of ONE HEALTH ONE WELFARE in the Implementation of ZOONOSIS Prevention and Mitigation in Indonesian Animal Markets"

The seminar will be held on:
🗓️Day/Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2023
🕘Time: 07.30 WIB – finished
📌Place: Harris Hotel and Conventions Festival Citylink Bandung
Jl. Peta – Terusan Pasirkoja No. 241 Bandung

🗣️Seminar Speakers:

  • Dr. Endang Yuni Setyowati, drh., M.Sc.Ag (Faculty Veterinary Medicine Study Program Padjadjaran University of Medicine)
  • Drh. Tine Nurasih Kadaryati (Provincial Food Security and Livestock Service West Java)
  • Anhar Hadian, SKM., M.Tr.A.P. (Bandung City Health Department)
  • Dr. drh. Joko Pamungkas, M.Sc. (School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedicine, Agricultural Institute Bogor)
  • Kuswandewi Mutyara, dr., M.Sc (Department of Public Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine Padjadjaran University)
  • drh. Wendi Prameswari (Indonesian Natural Rehabilitation Initiation Foundation)
  • drh. Ali Rizky Arasyi (Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD) Country Team)
  • Dr. Herlina Agustin, M.T. (Faculty of Communication Sciences, Padjadjaran University)
  • Dr. Nancy Dian Anggraeni, M.Epid (Deputy for Improving the Quality of Health and Population Development, Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture)


📍This seminar is open to the public (limited quota)

☎️ Registration and Contact Person
drh. Fadly: +62 818-0223-3551



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