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66th Anniversary of the Unpad Faculty of Medicine: Celebrating 66 Years of Medical Achievement

Dies Natalis FK Unpad ke-66 [vibrance]

Bandung, 18 October 2023 – Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University ((FK Unpad) is preparing to celebrate our momentous occasion, the 66th Anniversary. This historic event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 18 2023, starting at 09.00 until finished, at the Auditorium on the 2nd floor of Unpad Education Hospital, located at Jl. Prof. Eijkman No. 38, Bandung.

The 66th Anniversary of FK Unpad is a historic milestone in this faculty's long journey in the world of medical education. At this event, FK Unpad will celebrate its great achievements in the field of medicine and health services over the last 66 years. It was an uplifting moment and a reflection of our relentless dedication to producing quality medical professionals.

The 66th Anniversary of FK Unpad is clear evidence of our commitment to continuing to develop and make a significant contribution to the world of health. It is hoped that this event will be an inspiration for all those present and radiate hope for a brighter future in medical education and health services.

In this series of celebrations, FK Unpad invites all students, lecturers, alumni and the general public to celebrate and experience this historic moment together.

Don't miss this spectacular event! Check out the latest news and further developments regarding the commemoration of the 66th Anniversary of FK Unpad on our official website.

Adhi Taufiq Akbar


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