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Health System and Health Workforce Education Innovation

Sistem Kesehatan Masyarakat

The Center for Health System Studies and Education Innovation for Health Workers, which was established based on the Decree of the Chancellor of Padjadjaran University Number 35/UN6.C/Kep/KP/2018.

is a forum for scientific and expert groups within the scope of the health system, but not limited to other scientific and expert groups who Definitively it is not overshadowed by other study centers within the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University. The study center chaired by Dr. Guswan Wiwaha, dr., MM.

The main task and function of the Center for Health Systems Studies and Educational Innovation for Health Workers is to manage research and community service (including quality control) produced by scientific and expert groups under its auspices to support the implementation of the duties of the Faculty of Medicine.

The scientific and expert groups under the Center for Health System Studies and Health Worker Education Innovations (Pusdi SKIP-Nakes) include :

1. Center for Community Health and Wellness Studies

2. Center for Neuromuscular Neurobehavior & Special Sense Studies

3. Center for Reproductive Health Studies

4. Health Technology Study Center

5. Center for Health System Studies

6. Center for Dermatomusculoskeletal Studies

7. Center for Cardiovascular Studies

8. Center for Genitourinary Studies

9. Center for Gastroinstentinal Studies

10. Center for Edge Medicine Studies

Vision :

to become a center of study and research that places research excellence in the field of health systems and policies for the benefit of society in order to boost the nation's competitiveness.

Mission :

Organizing, facilitating and coordinating integrated research and community service in the field of health systems and policies.


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