Subspecialist Study Program


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Advances in medical science and technology (IPTEDOK),

have played role in the rapid progression and development of the handling of diseases and health problems, so that they become more effective, more sophisticated, and difficult and complex cases can be well handled. This situation also occurs in the fields of pediatrics and child health. The needs and demands of the community for high-quality health services are accompanied by the development of sub-specialties in the field of child health science, the development of sub-specialties in child health is not only for improving health services (child health care) but also important and relevant for medical education and medical research.

In Indonesia, the service coverage of sub-specialist doctors, especially pediatric sub-specialists is still very lacking. This is due to the limited number of pediatricians who have subspecialty qualifications in various sub-specialties in addition to the lack of facilities and infrastructure that can support these sub-specialist services. To overcome this problem at this time, it is important to have a nationally standardized sub-specialist education program in child health science that requires good cooperation between professional organizations, including collegiums, with the government and also the related stakeholders. The official enactment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) since the beginning of 2016 is a challenge for Indonesia, especially in the development of sub-specialist doctors in pediatric. Therefore, currently, the limited availability of pediatricians with subspecialty qualifications and the uneven distribution throughout the country needs to be addressed immediately.

In the qualification hierarchy of medical doctor profession based in the competence level, pediatrician can be classified in two groups, which are: (1) Pediatrician (Second Professional Degree) who work at the secondary health care facility, and (2) Pediatric Subspecialist (Consultant), who are the Third Professional Degree and work at the tertiary health care facility. The Pediatrics Sub-specialist Physician Education Program is a professional and academic education program that subspecialist doctors in various fields, who will later be qualified as pediatric consultant. All pediatric subspecialists will initially have basic competencies as general pediatrician, who will get the Pediatric Specialist Competency Certificate issued by the Indonesian Collegium of Pediatrics. After completing sub-specialist education, the pediatrician will receive a Sub-specialist Competency Certificate by the Indonesian Collegium of Pediatrics in accordance with their respective fields. Based on the Competency Standards issued by the Indonesian Collegium of Pediatrics, Indonesian Medical Council will issue a certificate of added qualification. In general, doctors who have this consultant degree will work in tertiary level service facilities (highest level referral hospital).

This level of qualification is indispensable in medical science education,

especially in the teaching and learning process of a specialist doctor, who must be guided by a higher level qualification, namely a subspecialist. Due to the various things and problems mentioned above, the Indonesian Collegium of Pediatrics need to immediately prepare a Sub-specialist Education Standard in the field of Specialization in Pediatrics that applies nationally and can be implemented by Medical Education Institutions that meet certain criteria and requirements, with reference to on the National Standard for Medical Education, the National Standard for Higher Education and the National Education Standard.

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About Us

Pediatrics Subspecialistic Study Program.

Recognition of the existence of subspecialist pediatricians in Indonesia began in the early 1980s, during which time the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) confirmed the title of consultant pediatrician, which was given to senior pediatricians who diligently studied their subspecialty field. This inauguration was given on the basis of an assessment of expertise by the IDAI Coordination Work Unit (UKK) as a peer group from the pediatrician concerned.

In subsequent developments it was realized that in order to produce a subspecialist doctor, a structured education pattern was needed. Only through education with a structured curriculum, adhering to the principles of independent education, continuous active learning and individual achievement patterns will produce high quality subspecialist doctors.

In the early 1990s, the thought arose to create a more structured and accountable educational model, at that time, the contents and learning models began to be compiled, including a 6-month internship program at an accredited Pediatrician Educational Institution. The minimum length of education that is universally applicable is about 2 years. In April 1998 based on the 1997 IDAI Working Meeting in Jakarta. The Indonesian Collegium of Pediatrics approved and determined that the Cardiology Subspecialist Program will need 2 years (4-semester) of education with a more structured curriculum. In 2002, the Pediatric Emergency Sub-specialist Doctor Education Program implemented a 4-semester education pattern. At the XIII National Congress of Child Health Sciences (KONIKA) in Bandung, 2005, the Indonesian Collegium of Pediatrics determined that the inauguration of the title of subspecialist doctor of child health science must go through an educational program with a structured and accountable curriculum created by the Indonesian Collegium of Child Health (KIKAI Collegium). ). For this purpose, various preparations are needed, either in the form of internal consolidation or with other interested parties. Subspecialty fields of Child Health Sciences (fields of interest) consist of:


Allergy and Immunology


Pediatrics Emergency And Intensive Care






Infection and Tropical Diseases










Respirology and Critical Care Medicine


Growth and Development-Social Pediatrics

Pediatrics Subspecialist Education is part of the continuing education of General Pediatrics Education which will produce Pediatricians with additional Sub-specialist qualifications in certain fields of specialization.

Pediatricians with subspecialty qualifications have advanced and in-depth academic abilities and clinical competencies in accordance with the special interests mentioned above. Each student in the sub-specialist education program is only allowed to participate in one sub-speciality. A sub-specialist in Pediatrics in every field of interest must understand all aspects of disease development in both the latest diagnostic and therapeutic fields, both medical and surgical, from the molecular biology level to the level of growth and development of all organs and apply professional evidence-based superspecialist services. based) within the scope of the body of knowledge in Child Health Sciences.

Vision & Mission
Organizational Structure
Officials and Staffs

Pediatrics Subspecialistic Study Program

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Organizational Structure of Pediatrics Subspecialist Program

Head of Study Program : Prof. Dr. Dwi Prasetyo, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes

Secretary of Study Program : Putria Rayani, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes

Coordinator of Education : Dr. Ina Rosalina, dr., SpA(K)

Coordinator of Research : Dewi Hawani, dr., Sp.A(K)

Coordinator of Evaluation : Filla Reviyani Suryaningrat dr. SpA

Coordinator of Recruitment : Devatri Hudayari, dr.,SpA

Secretarial : Asrianto, st


Head of Study Field

Allergy and Immunology : Dr. Rd. Reni Ghrahani D.M, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes

Emergensi Rawat Intensif Anak : Dr. Dadang Hudaya Somasetia, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes

Gastro-Hepatology : Yudith Setiati Ermaya, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes

Hemato-Oncology : Dr. Susi Susanah, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes

Infection and Tropical Diseases : Dr. Djatnika Setiabudi,dr., Sp.A(K),M.C.T.M,Trop.Ped

Cardiology : Dr. Sri Endah Rahayuningsih, dr., Sp.A(K)

Nephrology : Prof. Dr. Dany Hilmanto, dr., Sp.A(K)

Neonatology : Dr. Tetty Yuniati, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes

Neurology : Dr. Nelly Amalia Risan, dr., Sp.A(K)

Respirology and Critical Care Medicine : Prof.Dr. Heda Melinda N, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes

Growth and Development-Social Pediatrics : Dr. Eddy Fadlyana, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes

Study Program Staff


Name of Lecturer


1 Prof. Dr. Ponpon Idjradinata, dr., SpA(K) Hemato Oncology
2 Prof. Cissy R.S Prawira, dr., M.Sc., SpA(K)., Ph.D Respirology and Critical Care Medicine
3 Prof. Dr. Nanan Sekarwana, dr., SpA(K)., MARS Nephrology
4 Prof. Dr. Kusnandi Rusmil, dr., SpA(K)., MM Growth and Development-Social Pediatrics
5 Prof. Dr. Dedi Rachmadi Sambas,dr., SpA(K).,M.Kes Nephrology
6 Dr. Djatnika Setiabudi,dr., SpA(K),MCTM Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine
7 Dr. Lelani Reniarti,dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Hemato Oncology
8 Dr. Dadang Hudaya S.,dr.,SpA(K), M.Kes Emergency and Intensive Care of Children
9 Prof. Dr. Heda Melinda D.N,dr., SpAK., M.Kes Respirology and Critical Care Medicine
10 Prof. Dr. Dany Hilmanto, dr., SpAK Nephrology
11 Prof. Dr.Budi Setiabudiawan, dr., SpAK., M.Kes Allergy Imunology
12 Dr. Dwi Prasetyo, dr., SpAK., M.Kes Gastrohepatologi
13 Dr. Nelly Amalia Risan,dr.,SpA(K) Neuropediatri
14 Aris Primadi,dr.,SpA(K) Neonatology
15 Dr. Eddy Fadlyana,dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Growth and Development-Social Pediatrics
16 Dr. Sri Endah Rahayuningsih, dr. SpA(K) Cardiology
17 Purboyo Solek, dr., SpA(K) Neuropediatri
18 Dr. Tetty Yuniati, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Neonatology
19 Prof. Dr. Meita Dhamayanti, dr., SpA(K),MKes Growth and Development-Social Pediatrics
20 Dr. Susi Susanah, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Hemato Oncology
21 Dewi Hawani, dr., SpA(K) Neuropediatri
22 Dr. Ina Rosalina, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Gastrohepatologi
23 Dr. Dzulfikar Djalil Lukmanul Hakim,dr.,SpA(K), MKes, MMRS Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care
24 Sri Sudarwati,dr., SpA(K) Respirology and Critical Care Medicine
25 Diah Asri Wulandari,dr., SpA(K) Respirology and Critical Care Medicine
26 Dr. Anggraini Alam,dr.,SpA(K) Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine
27 Dr. Rd. Reni Ghrahani D.M, dr.,Sp.A(K), M.Kes Allergy Imunology
28 Stanza Uga Peryoga,dr.,SpA(K), M.Kes Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care
29 Rachmat Budi Kuswiyanto, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Cardiology
30 Gartika Sapartini, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Allergy and Immunology
31 Fiva Aprillia Kadi, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Neonatology
32 Nur Suryawan, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Hemato-Oncology
33 Rodman Tarigan G, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes Growth and Development-Social Pediatrics
34 Yudith Setiati Ermaya, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes Gastro-Hepatology
35 Ahmedz Widiasta, dr., Sp.A(K), M.Kes Nephrology
36 Mia  Milanti Dewi, dr.,Sp.A(K), M.Kes Neurology
37 Riyadi, dr.,Sp.A(K),M.Kes Infection and Tropical Disease
38 Putria Rayani, dr., SpA(K), M.Kes Cardiology


Based on the decision of LAM-PTKes stated:

Program Studi Subspesialis Kesehatan Anak Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung.

Accredited : 

Learning materials which need to be learned to fulfill the qualifications of subspecialist doctor are including knowledge, skills, and behaviors.

Sub-specialist medical education is a combination of academic and professional education equivalent to level 9 of the KKNI, as stated in the educational objectives and competency standards. Referring to these two things, learning materials are arranged which are grouped as follows:

a. General Basic Material

This material is the basic knowledge for every researcher to become an initator and researcher. This material usually does not include medical knowledge directly. General basic material including translational research and value based medicine (VBM), ethic profession and humanism, reserach methodology, clinical epidemiology, and evidence based medicine.

b. Special Basic Material 

The special basic material is a material that covers basic speciality knowledge on the medical field thus all participant able to solve the problems as well as developing knowledge in order to apply his profession under 8 standard national high quality Sub-specialist Medical Education in Pediatrics. This special basic material at least consist of:

  1. Applied molecular biology
  2. Applied medical genetics
  3. Clinical Pharmacology
  4. Clinical Microbiology

c. Material of Pediatric Subspeciality

This is educational materials that provide deepening of knowledge and expertise in child health in general, so that students are able to become caregivers, decision makers, communicators, community leaders, managers, and educators.

d. Material of Expertise in Specialization

Material of Expertise in pediatric subspecialist program is material which provide knowledge of expertise in the field of specialization so that the pediatric subspecialist doctor becomes an expert in his field.

e. Material of Academic Application of Interest

 This is a series of academic activity which apply the previous knowledge and directly related with the studied specialization. This activity aims to foster knowledge, attitudes and behavior, master scientific research methods, increase ability to write scientific papers and scientific research to support professional skills as a pediatric subspecialist doctor.

f. Material of Special Professional Application

The material for professional application is professional training by applying the previously acquired knowledge in real life through various clinical professional activities. Professional training aims to achieve the ability (competence) and professional behavior with high quality which is supported by strong and solid academic knowledge (scientist physician). With high competence, it will produce high quality health service standards in accordance with the development of medical science and technology.

Material and Study Stage, and Credits in Pediatrics Subspecialist Study Program

Educational Materials Smt  I Smt  II Smt  III Smt  IV



Part 1

Basic Scientific Education Pendidikan Dasar Ilmiah

MDU 4 4
MDK 4 4

Part 2

Education in Speciality of Interest

MKS 4 4
MKK 3 3 3 5 14

Part 3

Scientific Research and Skill

MPA 1 4 4 8 17
MPK 1 7 14 22

Part 4

Teaching Ability

1 1
Number of Credits 12 12 14 28 66

Our Facilities

Child Health Department Building, 3rd floor, Dr. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital, Jl. Pasteur No. 38 , Bandung.
Telp./Fax. (022) 2035957 & (022) 2034426.
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Subspecialist Secretariat Room


Conference Room


Discussion Room


Kenanga Ward


Anturium Ward


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)


Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)


Cardiac Catheterization and Echocardiography Room


Endoscopy Room

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Child Health Department Building, 3rd floor, Dr. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital, Jl. Pasteur No. 38 , Bandung.
Telp./Fax. (022) 2035957 & (022) 2034426.

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Why Choose Us

The teaching staff are doctoral graduates from foreign and domestic universities who have experience in research and publication in international journals; full of commitment and support from the supervisor's grant grants make it easier for students to carry out thesis research and graduate on time.

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List of Lecturer Expertise




1 Prof. Dr. Budi Setiabudiawan, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes Consultant of Allergy-Immunology
2 Dr. Rd. Reni Ghrahani, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Allergy-Immunology
3 Gartika Sapartini, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Allergy-Immunology
4 Novina, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Endocrinology
5 Dr. Dadang Hudaya S, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes Consultant of Pediatrics Emergency and Intensive Care
6 Dr. Dzulfikar DLH, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes, MMRS Consultant of Pediatrics Emergency and Intensive Care
7 Stanza Uga Peryoga, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Pediatrics Emergency and Intensive Care
8 Fina Meilyana, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Pediatrics Emergency and Intensive Care
9 Prof. Dr. Dwi Prasetyo, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes. Consultant of Gastro-Hepatology
10 Dr. Ina Rosalina, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Gastro-Hepatology
11 Yudith Setiati Ermaya, dr.,SpA,M.Kes Consultant of Gastro-Hepatology
12 Prof. Dr. Ponpon S. Idjradinata, dr.,Sp.A(K) Consultant of Hemato-Oncology
13 Dr. Harry Raspati Achmad, dr.,SpA(K).,MARS Consultant of Hemato-Oncology
14 Dr. Lelani Reniarti, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes Consultant of Hemato-Oncology
15 Dr. Susi Susanah, dr.,Sp.A(K).,MKes Consultant of Hemato-Oncology
16 Nur Suryawan,dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Hemato-Oncology
17 Nur Melani Sari, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Hemato-Oncology
18 Prof. Azhali MS, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Infection and Tropical Diseases
19 Prof. Herry Garna, dr.,SpA(K).,PhD Consultant of Infection and Tropical Diseases
20 Prof. Alex Chairulfatah, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Infection and Tropical Diseases
21 Dr. Djatnika Setiabudi, dr.,SpA(K).,MCTM.(Trop.Ped) Consultant of Infection and Tropical Diseases
22 Dr. Anggraini Alam, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Infection and Tropical Diseases
23 Riyadi, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Infection and Tropical Diseases
24 Dr. Sri Endah Rahayuningsih, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Cardiology
25 Rahmat Budi Kuswiyanto, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Cardiology
26 Putria A Rayani, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Cardiology
27 Prof. Dr. Nanan Sekarwana, dr.,SpA(K).,MARS Consultant of Nephrology
28 Prof. Dr. Dedi Rachmadi Sambas, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes Consultant of Nephrology
29 Prof. Dr. Dany Hilmanto, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Nephrology
30 Dr. Ahmedz Widiasta, dr.,SpA(K), M.Kes Consultant of Nephrology
31 Prof. Dr. Abdurachman Sukadi, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Neonatology
32 Aris Primadi, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Neonatology
33 Dr. Tetty Yuniati, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes Consultant of Neonatology
34 Dr. Fiva Aprillia Kadi,dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Neonatology
35 Dr. Nelly Amalia Risan, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Neurology
36 Purboyo Solek, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Neurology
37 Dewi Hawani Adiwar, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Neurology
38 Mia Milanti Dewi, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Neurology
39 Prof. Dr. Dida A. Gurnida, dr.,SpA(K)., M.Kes Consultant of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
40 Julistio TB Djais, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
41 Tisnasari Hafsah, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases
42 Prof. Cissy Rachiana S.P., dr., SpA(K),  MSc., PhD Consultant of Respirology
43 Prof. Dr. Heda Melinda N, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes Consultant of Respirology
44 Sri Sudarwati, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Respirology
45 Diah Asri Wulandari, dr.,SpA(K) Consultant of Respirology
46 Prof. Dr. Kusnandi Rusmil, dr.,Sp.A(K).,MM Consultant of Growth and Development – Social Pediatrics
47 Dr. Eddy Fadlyana, dr.,SpA(K).,MKes Consultant of Growth and Development – Social Pediatrics
48 Prof. Dr. Meita Dhamayanti, dr.,SpA(K).,M.Kes Consultant of Growth and Development – Social Pediatrics
49 Rodman Tarigan S, dr.,SpA(K),M.Kes Consultant of Growth and Development – Social Pediatrics

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