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Perkuliahan di Prodi obgyn FK Unpad
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Specialist Doctor Education Program (PPDS) Obstetrics & Gynecology,

is one of the post-graduate medical programs which is an advanced phase of the general practitioner education program based on academics and professions in specialist fields independently. The education of obstetrics and gynecology specialists at the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University was held starting in 1980 based on the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia dated 10 – 3 -1980, no 076/U/1980.

The Specialist Physician Education Program (PPDS) Obgyn Faculty of Medicine UNPAD aims to produce superior, skilled and knowledgeable OB-GYN doctors by prioritizing medical ethics in carrying out their profession. In addition, participants of the Specialist Medical Education Program are directed to continue to develop scientific capacity by conducting research. The results of this research have been published in various medical journals a very meaningful contribution to scientific development in each field. Education for Obgyn Specialists at the Faculty of Medicine, UNPAD uses the concept of active learning, with the emphasis on professional training in their respective fields through practical work in main, affiliated, and satellite educational hospitals with intensive supervisor/teaching staff guidance. Participants of the Specialist Doctor Education Program are exposed to various cases, both through emergency, inpatient, and outpatient patients so that they have skills in patient management.

Scientific deepening as a basis for scientifically supporting clinical skills

is provided in a structured and scheduled manner through various activities such as lectures, case presentations, referrals, journal readings, and watchkeeping reports.

Teaching hospitals for participants in the Obgyn Specialist Education Program, Faculty of Medicine, UNPAD, are referral centers in their respective regions, currently there are 16 network hospitals that have an MOU with the Faculty of Medicine UNPAD.

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About Us

Specialist Doctor Education Program (PPDS) Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Vision & Mission
Organizational Structure
Officials and Staffs


The Obstetrics and Gynecology study program can become an excellent obstetrics and gynecology educational institution that is able to compete globally in 2024.


  • Improving education, research and community service activities in order to be able to compete internationally.
  • Produce quality students who are able to play a role in reducing maternal morbidity and mortality and are able to compete globally.
  • Fostering motivation and innovation as well as a high commitment for teaching staff to achieve achievements and excellence in every competition, both at national and international levels.
  • Institutionalization of the division into a specialist consultant doctor education program.
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Information on Study Program Officials and Staff:

Chairman :

Dr. Muhammad Alamsyah, dr., SpOG(K), KIC, M.Kes

Secretary :

Siti Salima, dr., SpOG(K)

Members :

Division of Module and Curriculum Development : Ali Budi Harsono, dr., SpOG(K)

Guidance and Counseling Division : Dr. Setyorini Irianti, dr., SpOG(K)

Research and Publication Division : Dr. Hartanto Bayuaji, dr., SpOG(K)

Division of Student Activities : Dini Pusianawati, dr., SpOG(K)

Learning Outcome Evaluation Division : Andi Rinaldi, dr., SpOG(K)


Education Personnel:

Dra. Hanna Wiriaatmadja, MM

Dodi Setiadi, SE

Ade Sopian, SE

Ikhsan Arifin Asmaraman, Amd

Wulandari Kusumawaty, S.I.Kom, M.I.Kom



Berdasarkan Keputusan LAM-PTKes 0464/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Spe/VII/2023

menyatakan :


Terakreditasi Unggul

Sertifikat akreditasi berlaku sampai dengan tanggal 06 Juli 2028

The goal of education for Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialists, Faculty of Medicine, UNPAD / Hasan Sadikin Hospital, is to produce graduates who have a graduate profile as an Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist (SpOG), have holistic competencies, including clinical, academic and professional skills, can act as specialist doctors who:

  • Moral and virtuous – good gentleman;
  • have reliable clinical skills – good clinic;
  • able to educate well – good teacher;
  • able to communicate well - good communicator
  • have knowledge and skill competence – good practitioner
  • constantly improving professionalism – long life leaner
  • able to dedicate their knowledge, skills and professional qualities in accordance with the demands of society for health services (public health needs and demands) – health system partner
  • able to do research well – good scholar, and
  • become an effective manager – a good manager.

The curriculum used in the Specialist Physician Education Program I Obgin Faculty of Medicine Unpad refers to the national curriculum of the Indonesian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is in accordance with the provisions of the Indonesian Medical Council regarding specialist doctor education and educational regulations from the Government (UU No 20 of 2013 concerning Medical Education). , educational regulations from the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Padjadjaran University Policy and the Faculty of Medicine, as well as other related regulations, while also taking into account input from the Professional Association (Indonesian Obstetrics and Gynecology Association) and alumni. It is hoped that this goal can be achieved through an integrated educational curriculum that is grouped based on educational materials that meet curriculum elements (personality foundation; mastery of science, technology, art, and/or sports; ability and work skills; attitudes and behavior in working according to skill level). based on the knowledge and skills mastered; mastery of the rules of social life), namely as follows:

  • Obgin Specialist Education Core Materials (19 modules)
  • Advanced Skills Materials (Division Station)
  • Academic Application Material (MPA) (Scientific Writing).

The materials are given in 8 semesters, each semester has a unanimous educational goal and is achieved through certain learning experiences/educational content. The division of this semester is a stage / division based on the ability achieved including knowledge and understanding, problem solving and decision making, psychomotor skills, interpersonal skills, work habits and professional attitudes.

Our Facilities


Jl. Pasteur No. 38 Bandung

To support the need for appropriate references, a library is available on each campus with references according to the needs of the study program in the form of textbooks, scientific works, journals, as well as facilities to search journals for free. For the library, a library in the form of a learning center has been developed that provides all the reference needs of students with ICT support and increases the number of books according to the number of students in the study program. The aspect that will be improved is the development of coordination of the use of facilities with the support of ICT. The Library of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is under the Library of the Faculty of Medicine UNPAD in the Unpad Teaching Hospital Building – RSHS which also includes the E-Library / Journal MEDICAL SCIENCE CENTER Darya-Varia Library and the RSHS Library – Faculty of Medicine UNPAD. Internet facilities both in the form of wired and wi-fi networks are available throughout the campus. With a capacity of 512 kbps to get the latest information on science under the coordination of DCISTEM Unpad. students, teaching staff and education get usernames to make it easier and identify literature access needed can be accessed from : www.unpad.ac.id, www. cisral.unpad.ac.id, www.proquest.com/pqdweb, www.search.epnet.com, www.search.ebscohost.com, www.infotrac.galegroup.com, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov, www.nature.com.

Computers in each room are connected to the Hospital and Department networks via LAN, for internet access including scientific references provided free of charge. Free journal from the Faculty of Medicine, UNPAD and RSHS (UptoDate).

Utilization of the Internet and Intranet by the Study Program follows and is integrated with Management Information Systems, Faculty of Medicine University of Padjadjaran. Access the internet for free can be obtained by all users within an intranet network in the Faculty of Medicine University of Padjadjaran. Access to the internet network in the Study Program environment uses 2 mechanismsThe first mechanism is through login and passwords that are managed internally by the faculty and using an internal server In addition,

there is an increase in bandwidth of 100 Mbps. For browsing purposes. Meanwhile, the other route is through the university route. The second mechanism uses Single Sign On (SSO) with an integrated username and password through The PAUS ID (Padjadjaran Authentication and Identification System) Staff Teachers and educators can access the Internet using e-mail accounts acquired in PPTI, and Student can access the Internet usinga number PIN are obtained saatregistrasi students recently were directly managed by PPTI Padjadjaran University. The standard single login system (Single Sign On System-SSO) is used to access all IT services at Padjadjaran University. SSO is provided by PAUS (Padjadjaran Authentication and Identification System) which manages authentication data for all users of Unpad IT services centrally.

Campus internet access services can be accessed from computer terminals throughout the Study Program. Padjadjaran University provides internet services in all Faculties / Study Programs via LAN and Wi-fi networks spread across Padjadjaran University. Internet connection can also be accessed through the public computer terminal service (Student Computer Services-SCS) at the 6th Floor Library Building from Monday-Saturday at 08.00-19.00 WIB. Internet service is supported by the availability of hot-spot area facilities that are connected to 4 lines speedy (telkom) and can be accessed for 24 hours. Area hotspots that are equipped with a desk and terminal facilities of electricity. Total server that is installed in the data center , Padjadjaran University sebanya 35 units with as many as 20 router backbone router and 60 endrouter that t ersebar on the campus of the Faculty of Medicine UNPAD.

The main teaching hospital for Specialist I Obstetrics and Gynecology Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, UNPAD, is Hasan Sadikin Hospital, Bandung, which is the main referral tertiary hospital in West Java Province. The rooms available for education include the Kemuning treatment room for JKN treatment, class 1,2 and 3 treatment rooms, VIP treatment rooms, ICU, HCU, ER, operating room, recovery room, obstetrics polyclinic, gynecology polyclinic, endocrinology polyclinic, ASTER, and Padjadjaran Education Hospital. To support the practice of basic clinical skills, the Faculty provides clinical skills laboratories in Jatinangor and the Education Hospital. Clinical facilities are provided so that students can practice their abilities before practicing them on patients. This clinical skills laboratory has received recognition according to national standards as a means for national clinical skills examinations for doctors.

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Jl. Pasteur No. 38 Bandung

W : www.obgyn.fk.unpad.ac.id
E : sekretariat@obgyn.fk.unpad.ac.id

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Service information

Admission of New Students

Why Choose Us

The teaching staff are doctoral graduates from foreign and domestic universities who have experience in research and publication in international journals; full of commitment and support from the supervisor's grant grants make it easier for students to carry out thesis research and graduate on time.

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List of Lecturer Expertise


  1. dr. Ruswana Anwar, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  2. dr. Wiryawan Permadi, SpOG(K)
  3. Dr. dr. Tono Djuwantono, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  4. dr. Tita Husnitawati Madjid, SpOG(K)
  5. dr. Anita Rachmawati, SpOG(K)
  6. dr. Hartanto Bayuaji, SpOG(K)
  7. dr. Hanom Husni Syam, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  8. Mulyanusa A. Ritonga, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  9. Dian Tjahyadi, SpOG(K), MMRS



  1. Dr. dr. Firman F. Wirakusumah, SpOG(K)
  2. Dr. dr. Sofie R. Krisnadi, SpOG(K)
  3. Dr. dr. Johanes C. Mose, SpOG(K)
  4. Dr. dr. Jusuf Sulaeman Effendi, SpOG(K)
  5. dr. Anita Deborah Anwar, SpOG(K)
  6. Dr. dr. Budi Handono, SpOG(K), MH.Kes
  7. dr. Setyorini Irianti, SpOG(K)
  8. dr. Adhi Pribadi, SpOG(K)
  9. dr. Muhammad Alamsyah, SpOG(K), KIC, M.Kes
  10. dr. Akhmad Yogi Pramatirta, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  11. Amillia Siddiq, SpOG(K), M.Si



  1. dr. Yudi Mulyana Hidayat, SpOG(K)
  2. Ali Budi Harsono, SpOG(K)
  3. Dodi Suardi, SpOG(K)
  4. dr. Gatot N. A. Winarno, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  5. Siti Salima, SpOG(K)
  6. Andi Kurniadi, SpOG(K), M.Kes



  1. dr. Benny Hasan Purwara, SpOG(K)
  2. R. M. Sonny Sasotya, SpOG(K)
  3. M. Rizkar Arev Sukarsa, SpOG(K)
  4. Edwin Armawan, SpOG(K), MM, MH.Kes, MMRS
  5. Eppy Darmadi Achmad, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  6. Andi Rinaldi, SpOG(K)



  1. dr. Hadi Susiarno, SpOG(K), M.Kes, MH.Kes
  2. Dini Pusianawati, SpOG(K)
  3. dr. Zulvayanti, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  4. Dini Hidayat, SpOG(K), M.Kes
  5. Windi Nurdiawan, SpOG(K), M.Kes

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