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Internal Medicine Doctor Education Programme (PPDS IPD), 

was established together with the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University since 1957, although administratively recognized in 1980. The purpose of this program is to improve the quality of service, education, and research publication in order to compete with the National or Private Hospitals in West Java, national and regional, which is the general purpose of the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University.

The long journey in producing quality graduate products

according to the competence cannot be separated from the problems and the challenges, which were very dynamic to be the basis of development and educational process in the Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine Unpad/Hasan Sadikin Hospital, and continue to develop in accordance with the progress of times and technological developments, until December 2021 has produced 397 doctors specializing in internal medicine.

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About Us

Internal Medicine Doctor Education Programme.

Vision & Mission

Organizational Structure

Officials and Staffs







To be a strong, independent, effective and efficient organizer of internal medicine specialization education by upholding the benefit of society and producing graduates who are professional, dignified, well-mannered, and able to compete nationally and internationally.


  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of time in completing education independently and responsibly.
  • To increase awareness and responsibility for science, organization, and patients.
  • To coordinate educational processes, science development and supporting facilities/ infrastructure.
  • To increase innovation and motivate learners to achieve competencies that can improve service effectiveness.
  • To form the independence of learners in the learning process in developing professionalism.


To produce specialists in internal medicine who are:

  • Independent, dignified, intelligent and professional.
  • To grasp the basics of knowledge (scientific) and skills with holistic insights, therefore will be able to formulate and solve health problems in the field of Internal Medicine.
  • Able to provide health services, primarily in the field of Internal Medicine.
  • Able to keep up with the development of science and technology.
  • Able to produce research that can make scientific contributions and applied in accordance with the latest health developments.
  • Help the implementation of health science education actively in various levels.
  • Able to organize and be directly involved in the scope of Internal Medicine.
  • Able to work in team.
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Chief of the Course :
Dr. Rudi Supriyadi, dr.,M.Kes.,SpPD-KGH

Secretary of the Course :
DR. Afiatin, ,SpPD-KGH

Coordinators of Education and Evaluation :
Dr. Indra Wijaya, dr.,SpPD-KHOM
Yovita Hartantri, dr.,SpPD-KPTI
R.N. Yasmin K, dr.,SpPD-KKV.,SpJP(K)
Ervita Ritonga, dr.,SpPD-KEMD
Rizky Andhika, dr.,SpPD

Coordinators of Research, Training, and Publication :
Nenny Agustanti, dr.,SpPD-KGEH
Hendarsyah Suryadinata, dr.,SpPD-KP
Maya Kusumawati, dr.,SpPD-KEMD
Mely Mujahidah, dr.,SpPD
Putri Vidyaniati, dr,SpPD

No. Name of Lecturer Course
1 Prof.Dr.H.Rully MA Roesli, dr.,Sp.PD-KGH Nephrology and Hypertension
2 Trinugroho Heri Fadjari, dr.,Sp.PD-KHOM Medical Hematology/Oncology
3 Erwan Martanto, dr.,Sp.PD-KKV.,SpJP(K) Kardiovaskuler
4 Dr.H. Hikmat Permana, dr.,Sp.PD-KEMD Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
5 Dr.H. Arto Yuwono Soeroto, dr.,Sp.PD-KP Pulmonologi & Respirasi Kritis
6 Bachti  Alisjahbana,dr.,Sp.PD-KPTI.,Ph.D. Penyakit Tropik & Infeksi
7 Pandji Irani Fianza,dr.,Sp.PD-KHOM.,MSc Medical Hematology/Oncology
8 Amaylia Oehadian, dr.,Sp.PD-KHOM Medical Hematology/Oncology
9 H. Yana Akhmad Supriatna,dr.,Sp.PD-KP.,MMRS Pulmonologi & Respirasi Kritis
10 Dr. Ria Bandiara, dr.,Sp.PD-KGH Nephrology and Hypertension
11 Dr.HM.Begawan B..,Sp.PD-KGEH.,M.Kes,FASGE.,FACG Gastroenterology and Hepatology
12 Dolvy Girawan, dr.,Sp.PD-KGEH.,M.Kes. Gastroenterology and Hepatology
13 Dr. H.Rudi Supriyadi, dr.,M.Kes.,Sp.PD-KGH Nephrology and Hypertension
14 Dr. Prayudi Santoso, dr.,Sp.PD-KP.,M.Kes. Pulmonologi & Respirasi Kritis
15 Dr. Nanny Natalia MS.,dr.,Sp.PD-KEMD, M.Kes.,DCN Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
16 Rudi Wisaksana, dr.,Sp.PD-KPTI.,Ph.D Penyakit Tropik & Infeksi
17 Lilik Sukesi, dr.,Sp.PD-KGH.,KIC Ginjal Hipertensi dan Medis Kritis
18 Dr. Sumartini Dewi, dr.,Sp.PD-KR.,M.Kes. Rheumatology
19 Syarief Hidayat,dr.,Sp.PD-KKV.,Sp.JP Kardiovaskuler
19 H. Uun Sumardi, dr.,Sp.PD-KPTI.,KIC Penyakit Tropik & Infeksi dan Medis Kritis
20 Dr. Hj. Afiatin, dr.,Sp.PD-KGH Nephrology and Hypertension
21 Teddy Arnold Sihite, dr.,Sp.PD-SpJP(K) Kardiovaskuler
22 Yudi Wahyudi, dr.,Sp.PD-KGEH Gastroenterology and Hepatology
23 Yovita Hartantri, dr.,Sp.PD-KPTI Penyakit Tropik & Infeksi
24 Dr. Indra Wijaya, dr.,Sp.PD-KHOM Medical Hematology/Oncology
25 Dr. Laniyati Hamijoyo, dr.,Sp.PD-KR.,M.Kes. Rheumatology
26 Andri Reza Rahmadi, dr.,M.Kes.,Sp.PD-KR Rheumatology
27 Lazuardhi Dwipa, dr.,Sp.PD-KGer Geriatri & Interna Komunitas
28 Iceu Dimas Kulsum, dr.,Sp.PD-KP.,Sp.P Pulmonologi & Respirasi Kritis
29 Hendarsyah Suryadinata, dr.,SpPD-KP Pulmonologi & Respirasi Kritis
30 R. Nuraini Yasmin Kusumawardhani,dr.,Sp.PD. SpJP Kardiovaskuler
31 Dimmy Prasetya, dr.,Sp.PD-KHOM Medical Hematology/Oncology
32 Ervita Ritonga, dr.,M.Kes.,SpPD-KEMD Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
33 Nenny Agustanti, dr.,Sp.PD-KGEH Gastroenterology and Hepatology
34 Susantina, dr.Sp.PD-KPTI Penyakit Tropik & Infeksi
35 Maya Kusumawati, dr.,Sp.PD-KEMD Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism
36 Eka Surga Nugraha, dr.,Sp.PD Umum
37 Ferdy Ferdian,dr.,Sp.PD Umum
38 Mely Mudjahidah, dr.,Sp.PD Umum
39 Putri Vidyaniati, dr.,Sp.PD.,M.Kes Umum
40 Rizky Andhika, dr.,Sp.PD Umum
41 Muh. Iman Pratama Putra, dr.,Sp.PD Umum
42 Maha Cakri Willheljulya, dr.,Sp.PD Umum
43 Iis Widiayati, dr.,Sp.PD Umum
44 Rudolf Andean Manulang, dr.,SpPD-KKV.,SpJP Kardiovaskuler


Berdasarkan Keputusan LAM-PTKes 0633/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Spe/VIII/2022

menyatakan :


Terakreditasi Unggul

Sertifikat akreditasi berlaku sampai dengan tanggal 11 Agustus 2027

Program Pendidikan Dokter Spesialis Penyakit Dalam (Program PPDS-PD) bertujuan menghasilkan Spesialis Penyakit Dalam (Sp.PD) yang mempunyai kompetensi yang dapat mendukung peran, tugas dan tanggung jawabnya setelah mereka lulus.

Agar Sp.PD dapat melaksanakan semua peran dan tugas seperti apa yang diuraikan di atas, maka perlu ditetapkan area kompetensi yang mengacu kepada Buku Standar KompetensiDokter Spesialis Penyakit Dalam yang diterbitkan oleh Kolegium Ilmu Penyakit Dalam. Dengan demikian, terdapat 7 area kompetensi yang merupakan standar minimal kompetensi Sp.PD, yang meliputi :

  1. Pengetahuan medik(medical knowledges).
  2. Pelayanan pasien (patient care).
  3. Keterampilan interpersonal dan komunikasi (interpersonal and communication skills)
  4. Pembelajaran berbasis   praktik   dan pengembangan  (practice-based  learning   and improvement)
  5. Praktik berbasis sistem(system-basedpractice)
  6. Profesionalisme (professionalism)
  7. Keterampilan melakukan penelitian (clinical research skill)

Pengertian masing-masing area kompetensi dijabarkan menjadi beberapa komponen kompetensi dan learning outcome, yang harus dicapai oleh Peserta PPDS-PD.

  1. Area kompetensi 1 : Pengetahuan Medik
  2. Area kompetensi 2 : Pelayanan Pasie
  3. Area Kompetensi : Keterampilan Interpersonal dan Komunikasi
  4. Pembelajaran Berbasis Praktik dan Pengembangannya
  5. Praktik Berbasis Sistem
  6. Profesionalisme
  7. Keterampilan melakukan Penelitian

Curriculum structure of Internal Medicine Doctor Education Programme consists of three stages:

  • Basic stage (stage 1) : the students learn and being supervised in the general internal medicine division as junior residents.
  • Intermediate stage (Stage 2) : the students learn and achieve the competencies which are being expected in each division.
  • Independent stage (Stage 3) : the students learn in the general internal medicine division as senior residents, in the satellite hospitals, emergency departments and critical medical units, as well as intensive care unit (ICU).

Duration of Education

Duration of Internal Medicine Doctor Education Programme, Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University consists of 8 semesters (128 weeks) with credits load of 83, with the following stages:

Duration of Education and Total Credits

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Lama Pendidikan : 8 Semester
Total Sks : 83 SKS

Educational Stages

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Educational Materials

Educational materials are structured in the form of Learning Modules, with specific focus to the principles of scientific methods, clinical reasoning and spiral curriculum that allows program participants to be actively involved in the health care process and patient management responsibilities under supervision, as well as to achieve graduate competence in all of the divisions in the Internal Medicine Department.



Our Facilities

Fresia Building, 4th floor RSHS Bandung, West Java.

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Lecture Room


Lecturer Room


Laboratory Room


Meeting Room


Library room

Want to Join with Us
Contact Us

Fresia Building, 4th floor RSHS Bandung, West Java.

P : 022-2038986
E : unpadipd@gmail.com

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Service information

Admission of New Students

Why Choose Us


List of Lecturer Expertise

Head of Division Endocrinology and Metabolism

Dr. Hikmat Permana, dr., SpPD-KEMD

Head of Division Gastroenterohepatology

Dolvy Girawan, dr., SpPD-KGEH,M.Kes

Head of Division Nephrology and Hypertension

Dr. Ria Bandiara, dr.,SpPD-KGH

Head of Division Medical hematooncology

Dr. Indra Wijaya, dr.,SpPD-KHOM

Head of Division Tropical disease and infection

Rudi Wisaksana, dr., SpPD-KPTI, PhD

Head of Division Respirology

Dr. Arto Yuwono Soeroto, dr., SpPD-KP

Head of Division Rheumatology

Dr. Sumartini Dewi, dr.,SpPD-KR

Head of Division Geriatric Medicine

Lazuardhi Dwipa, dr.,SpPD-KGer

Head of Division Cardiovascular Medicine

Erwan Martanto, dr.,SpPD-KKV.,SpJP(K)

Head of Division General Internal Medicine

Dr. H. Hikmat Permana, dr.,SpPD-KEMD

Head of Division Critical Care Medicine

Dr. Emmy Hermiyanti Pranggono, dr.,SppD-KP.,KIC


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