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Brilliant Achievements of FK Unpad Students at Indonesia Inventors Day (IID) 2023

Perwakilan mahasiswa FK Unpad IID 2023 Bali, Indonesia

[FK Unpad Media Channel] Extraordinary achievements have been attained by students of Fakultas Kedokteran, Padjadjaran University (FK Unpad), dalam ajang prestisius Indonesia Inventors Day 2023 (IID 2023). The competition was held from 16 to 19 September at Bali, Indonesia served as a platform for FK Unpad students to carve out remarkable achievements.

A total of 377 participants from 33 countries took part in this competition, making it a global stage for young inventors to showcase their ideas and innovations.

Outstanding Achievements:

  • Team "Jantung" Secures Gold Medal in IoT and Applications Category:
    FK Unpad's "Jantung" team clinched a gold medal in the Internet of Things (IoT) and Applications category. This achievement demonstrates that FK Unpad students can combine technical expertise with a profound understanding of technology's real-world applications.
  • Team "Saraf" Wins Gold Medal in Pharmacy, Health, and Medicine Category:
    FK Unpad's "Saraf" team emerged victorious in the Pharmacy, Health, and Medicine category, earning them a gold medal. Their success reflects FK Unpad's commitment to advancing research in healthcare and pharmaceuticals with a positive impact.
  • Team "Kulit" Achieves Silver Medal in Personal Care and Cosmetic Category:
    FK Unpad's "Kulit" team secured a silver medal in the Personal Care and Cosmetic category. Their dedication to enhancing personal care and cosmetic products is evident, even though they faced strong competition from a team in South Korea.
  • Team "Rehab" Contributes Silver Medal in Sports and Humanistic Therapy Category:
    FK Unpad's "Rehab" team made a significant contribution by winning a silver medal in the Sports and Humanistic Therapy category. Despite the gold medal going to a team from Thailand, their achievement is praiseworthy.
Tim mahasiswa FK Unpad di ajang INDONESIA INVENTORS DAY 2023 Bali, Indonesia
Inovasi dari divisi saraf SAFEGUARD (Seizures and Falls Emergency Guardian) Detecting Seizures and Falls using a Smartphone’s Accelerometer Sensor
Tim mahasiswa FK Unpad IID 2023

Total Achievements:

With the addition of a new silver medal, FK Unpad collected a total of 2 gold medals and 3 silver medals at IID 2023. These achievements symbolize FK Unpad's commitment to nurturing talent, driving innovation, and contributing to the landscape of inventors and global researchers.
These accomplishments are not only a source of pride for FK Unpad but also for Indonesia in the global innovation arena.

FK Unpad extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the participating teams for their significant contributions to this success. We hope that these achievements will serve as an inspiration for other students to continue innovating and achieving success in the future. We firmly believe that innovation is the key to addressing various challenges in the current and future world.

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Adhi Taufiq Akbar


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