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Unpad FK Dean is Proud: FK Athletes Achieve Brilliant Achievements in Men's Volleyball and Badminton at Unpad's 66th Anniversary

[FK Unpad Media Channel]

Dean of FK Unpad Prof. Dr. Yudi Mulyana Hidayat, dr., SpOG(K)-Onk, DMAS., with infinite pride and happiness, expressed his deep appreciation to the representatives from FK Unpad who had achieved extraordinary achievements in the 66th Unpad Anniversary sports competition .

In this very historic moment, FK Unpad has shown its dominance in two very competitive sports, namely men's volleyball and badminton. The FK Unpad men's volleyball team succeeded in winning first place, showing enthusiasm, unity and excellence in the match.

Apart from that, the FK Unpad badminton team also achieved extraordinary achievements by winning first place in this sport. This success is proof of the hard work, diligent training and tireless fighting spirit of FK Unpad athletes.

The Dean of FK Unpad also thanked all members of the FK Unpad men's volleyball and badminton teams who had gone through a long journey to achieve this achievement. This success is not only a matter of pride for FK Unpad but also an inspiration for all students and faculty staff to continue to strive hard and achieve higher achievements in the future.

Congratulations to the FK Unpad men's volleyball and badminton teams for this extraordinary achievement. Hopefully this success will be the beginning of greater achievements and enthusiasm to continue developing in various fields.

Source: https://www.unpad.ac.id/2023/09/unpad-berikan-penghargaan-pada-puncak-peringatan-dies-natalis-ke-66/

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